Seeing the Woods for the Trees

Retired industrial arts teacher Wayne Moss, and change-seeking university administrator Caz met at a tarot workshop 6 years ago . Both needed to turn a page. Turning wood turned that page. For 4 years they have been making quality wooden creations. It’s what they wanted: time together doing something they love.

Wayne has worked with wood for over 45 years and taught Caz. She now has the best drill in their workshop, but he boasts a new state of the art lathe. He leans toward traditional items while Caz tends to modern lines. That slight tension between approaches yields new challenges and directions. The result is a superb, classy aesthetic. Caz says their special ingredients are love and the joys of creation and excited customers.

The Mossy’s work every day in their vast workshop adjoining their off-grid home at Cawongla. The workshop brims with exotic aromas, and endless bits of wood at all stages of production. When not crafting they are vending at markets. Caz says markets are their social life.

The Woods by Mossy product list is staggering. The bulk of their sales are homewares from tiny salt and pepper pinch pots, through spoons and bowls to large antipasto platters. They also make useful household equipment like hair combs, yarn bowls (their most popular item), step ladders and mobile phone stands. Toys and jewellery as well.

They have diversified into antique restoration, commissions like custom built mantelpieces, and wood working lessons with Wayne. He is passionate about passing on his skills. These are busy people and it’s not surprising that Caz’s favourite workshop fixture is a set of armchairs where they catch a breather.

The most surprising thing about their products is the value for money. It takes about 15 hours and 7 intricate steps, to make 4 she-oak endgrain chopping blocks that sell for about $40. (Endgrain is preferable because it keeps your knives sharp and the block undamaged.) The wood is sourced from opportunistic foraging in the local area. All electricity used is solar generated. Each product is lovingly finished with food-grade cottonseed oil and beeswax from our Collins Creek bee keepers.

The Mossy’s love getting to know the locals at the Rotary Kyogle Bazaar and would love helping with your Christmas shopping on Saturday 17 December at the amphitheatre park.

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