Bit of a Yarn

Katy Gillette’s sock stall at the monthly Rotary Kyogle Bazaar is familiar to those who frequent this artisan market. Socked by Katy offers a range of hand knitted Merino socks to fit the whole family. She uses intricately coloured yarns from around the world to make baby socks, three sizes of kids’ socks, and three sizes of adult socks. With leftovers she makes ankle socks and fingerless gloves – not a shred of yarn is discarded. Even the last clippings are used to stuff small knitted creatures for charity.

What fewer people know is that Katy is a satellite volunteer for the Kyogle Bazaar, crafting Meet the Maker stories to publicise it. Each month she interviews a regular stall holder to be featured in publicity.

She likens the process to knitting socks. Katy says that extracting and writing up the information to feature is like choosing beautiful yarns to start a new sock. Then comes the knitting with some pretty standard bits and other trickier bits. The difference, however, is getting the size right. Easy with socks, but fitting people’s fascinating stories into a short word limit is her greatest challenge. ‘And a great privilege,’ she says.

Katy enjoys the ‘having a yarn’ bit the best. ‘I’ve always been interested in people’s stories, in their uniqueness. It is curiosity for sure, but also a thrill and respect from the surprises you uncover. Bazaar folk are intriguing and form a closely knit community.’

You can visit Socked by Katy at the next Rotary Kyogle Bazaar on Saturday 24 June, at the Amphitheatre Park.